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Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club

Six Pistol Pits with steel knock-down targets

Watch for announcements about which of the pits are open for use

  • You must qualify before you can use the pits - contact the Walls of Steel Chairman to get qualified
  • PISTOLS ONLY - No rifles (too much target damage)
  • You must sign in and out at the clubhouse
  • Range Fee: Guests $5 per day


Monday thru Saturday 9am to dusk
Sunday 10am to dusk

Hunting season 11am to dusk


The Pistol Pits Walls of Steel are located at the top of the property beyond the skeet area and just beyond the 3D Archery area. Parking in pits 1-3 is prohibited, Park vehicles in the field.


  1. Any member wishing to use the pistol pits must attend a mandatory orientation
  2. All shooters must sign in at the club house prior to use of the pistol pits and sign out upon completion of use, this includes all guests as well
  3. All members must have their club badge on person and be prepared to show their badge upon request when in the pits
  4. Travel up to and from the pits is to adhere to the 5 mph speed limit
  5. If there is activity in the upper skeet field, drivers are to respect those shooters and wait until waved on by them
  6. Eye and ear protection are mandatory for all persons in the pistol pits whether shooting or not
  7. Center fire handguns only in Pits 1, 2 and 3. Rifles and shotguns may be used in pit 4-7 for 3gun or tactical training, DO NOT SHOOT CLUB STEEL WITH LONG GUNS
  8. There is no shooting of steel targets closer than 30 feet with handguns and there is no shooting of club steel with rifle or shotgun  period
  9. If more than 1 shooter wants to use a particular pit, please be respectful and take turns or share
  10. Guests: members are allowed to bring up to 3 guests, spouse does not count as a guest, these guests include children under 18 yo. Guests must sign in as well as sign a waiver form and pay guest fee at time of sign in. There are no guest fees for children under 18 yo. Members must supervise guest shooting and there can be only 1 shooter at a time
  11. All targets must remain in place where they are, no paper targets are allowed in pits 1-3
  12. Ammunition: must not exceed 1350 fps

Must not be slower than 750 fps

No armor piercing, tracer, incendiary or explosive ammo

No rim fire of any caliber allowed in any pistol pits

  1. All firearms must be unloaded and stowed safely while persons are down range ie: resetting targets


Registration for any Walls of Steel events are handled through:  https://practiscore.com

Any questions regarding Walls of Steel events or details should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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