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Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club


 Wallum Lake has a fully stocked bar available for members, or, if you are having an event,  members and non-members complete with a TIPS-certified bartender.

The bar is stocked with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  We also offer snacks and coffee.

 All WLRG members have full access behind the bar, after a quick training session.  Anyone wishing to book an event may request that the bar be open and available during their event, and a qualified bartender will be on duty for the duration. 



Bar Rules:

  1. No drinking of alcoholic beverages after 1:00 am
  2. No guns within 10 feet of the bar. Police on official police business are exempt from this rule
  3. No one may sit at the bar while carrying a concealed weapon (even with valid permits to carry, including police on duty)
  4. The bartender, caretaker or any club officer may reserve the right to "shut off" any person (member or guest) that, in their opinion, appears inebriated. Failure to comply with the bartender, caretaker or club officer will result in expulsion from the bar and for members, may result in charges and appearance before the Board of Directors for disciplinary action.
  5. The bar is CLOSED during monthly meetings, however, a drink that is purchased prior to meeting tillme but not yet consumed completely may be brought into the meeting.
  6. Any member bringing a guest into the bar is responsible for the behavior of that guest.
  7. Tampering with or adjusting of clubhouse security cameras is strictly prohibited.
  8. Honor system is in effect. All posted fees must be paid and entered into cash register.