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Wallum Lake Rod and Gun Club targets conservation

(Valley Breeze Article)


United States Department of Agriculture

(Natural Resources Conservation Service)

Brush pile build sheet


Conservation work parties on two recent Saturday mornings resulted in excellent turnouts of new and established members and their sons who were engaged in brush management and brush pile construction.


The brush piles are designed to protect nesting rabbits, quail, turkeys, snakes and their young from predators and to shelter them from the elements during harsh and inclement weather.


The next phase will be to pile branches and boughs upon the support foundations with the assistance of a local scout troop.


This installation of 40 nesting boxes under construction by Gary Post will also take place on the proposed September 28 work event.


The club will financially benefit  very well through this joint sweat equity program of the NRCS.


The Please join us for our next outdoor adventure, its a great opportunity to meet a lot of great people.




Work Crew 1 Work Crew 2