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Archery on Field DayAll shooters must exercise "EXTREME" caution when using the ranges.  Click here for complete archery rules.

The archery range is open! Members can use the Archery Field anytime.

Just log in the log book. Members may bring a Guest to use the Archery range.  Fee is $5 per person. Only one guest can be on the firing line at one time.

Remember to sign them in as guest, write “Archery” on the envelope and put the money in the Archery Range Box located in the club house.

Everyone must sign the log book when using the Archery Range!  All new guests must sign a waiver form!

The Archery Range will be open to the Public on Saturdays noon to 3pm

A Range Officer will be present to maintain range safety and offer Archery instructions to those that request help.

Range Fees:
$5 > For Non-Members ( with their own equipment)   

$10 hr Bow rental fee for Non-Members ( Please call ahead for equipment rentals)

Equipment will be available for use only when Range Officer is present.

Archery equipment available: Recurve Bows > Youth & Adult, Right and Left-Handed. Recurve Bows are set at 20lb pull, comfortable for anyone to use.

Archery Range targets are set at 10 yards to 50 yards.   3D targets, Layered block targets and hanging bags for Compound Bows and Crossbows.  Hay bales for lighter Recurve bows.

Field Points only!  No Broadheads allowed on club targets. (Please bring your own targets if you want to use Broadheads)

Please remove any and all paper targets after your done shooting and place in trash cans.  Please keep our range free of debris.
Thank you!



For more information contact:

Brandon Robillard 401-390-7252 -