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Download Juniors Membership Application

Wallum Lake Juniors

We are an incredibly unique program.

When your children become members, they will get first-hand
experience & lessons on things that most people will never get to try their entire life.

What we are:

  • Club funded youth program, a "launching pad" for sampling of outdoor activities based around the many offerings of membership at our club
  • Boys and girls, ages 12-18
  • We supply ALL tools, ammo, guns, equipment, materials, etc. - and using your own equipment is always encouraged

Junior members regular activities:

  • Archery
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Handgun
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Volunteering
  • Fishing
  • Maintaining equipment we use
  • Loads of other things!

Who we are:

  • Adult volunteer coaches, assistant coaches, certified instructors, certified safety officers, experienced outdoor persons
  • Provide your children with a safe, secure, full-supervised experiences

Where & When:

  • Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club, 200 Brook Rd., Burrillville, RI
  • 51 weeks a year, rain or shine (Thanksgiving is our only day off!)
  • Every Thursday, 7pm - 9pm, meet at the main club house

How to Join the Juniors Program:

  • EVERY applicant's is screened prior to membership approval: social skills, cooperation, attitude, participation, etc.
  • Must be 12 - 19 years of age
  • for Screening, please attend 2-3 meetings with parent so we can get to know your kids
  • $20 membership fee for the year (yes, the entire year)
  • Complete Wallum Lake Juniors program application, submit to Juniors Chairperson for approval. Application Download

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my child need experience in those activities?

No, we teach every junior member from "zero". No experience needed


Do we need to be members of WLRGC for my child to join?

No, you do not need to be a member or associated with the club for your child to join, but it is


If I am a WLRGC member, can my child join?



If I am a WLRGC member, can I volunteer to help with the program? Will I get “work hours” too?

Yes & yes


Why is the minimum age 12 & not younger?

12 yr old social maturity is more manageable also physical capability is important to participate in activities we frequent


What are the expectations of Junior members?

Positive attitude, take instruction well, eagerness to help, respectful behavior toward other
junior members, coaches & any other person they encounter in everyday life.

Juniors members
represent us, our club, our community, our family, their family & their faith

Regular attendance for Thursday evenings

Preparedness: dress for the weather, prepare for the planned
activity (pants or shorts, long or short sleeve shirts, shoes or boots, sunscreen or hat or jacket
with gloves, etc…)


Will we know what activities are scheduled ahead of time?

Yes, we send out a regular weekly email for the next 4-6 weeks of activities & what is
generally to be expected with each one


Is Juniors on Thursdays only? Or do they have other times & days?

Yes, Thursdays 7pm-9pm only. We do have the occasional “volunteer” day or “field trip”, but
only a few times a year


We want to join, where do we start?

Show up to a Thursday night meeting with your parent, introduce yourself to the staff & the


Can I leave my Junior members or children to use guns & ammo by themselves, then pick them up after
they’re done?

No, firearm handling for Junior members or children requires adult supervision the entire time


Do I have to stay the whole time with my child during the Juniors meeting?

Once they are a full junior member, No, you do not have stay. They are supervised the entire
time by adults, coaches, volunteers & instructors

You can stay if you like


Some benefits of Junior membership:

Use of club facilities anytime within the club rules

Permitted to attend meetings

Hunt on property (in accordance with Club Rules)

Fish on Property (in accordance with Club rules)

Permitted to rent hall or pavilion at “membership rate”

“Junior membership” discount on Skeet, Trap, sporting clays & some other events


Some things Junior members cannot do:

No voting

No bar access

Cannot hold office or chair a committee

Not permitted to bring non-member guests


Download A Membership Application




For more information contact:

Chris Shanks @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club ♦ 200 Brook Rd. ♦ Harrisville, RI ♦ Chairman: Chris Shanks