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The Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club (WLRGC) accepts both male and female junior members aged 12-18 years old. 

New prospective members are encouraged to attend at least one meeting prior to submitting their application.  Come meet the instructors, the other junior members, and see what the program is all about before committing!

•    Adult/Parent Membership in the club is encouraged, but not required

•    Juniors meet at the WLRGC clubhouse every Thursday evening from 7-9 PM

•    No previous firearms experience necessary

•    No firearm or other equipment necessary (the club provides everything)

About the program:

The Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club Junior’s Program is more active than ever.  However, this program is not self-supporting.  It is made possible entirely by the generous donations, and support, of the men and women who make up the general membership of the club.  At this time, the number of junior members is not capped (no maximum number) however, the club reserves the right to limit membership at any time.   

The Junior’s Program teaches firearms safety and marksmanship to the next generation of firearms enthusiasts in a safe, controlled, friendly, and fun environment.  WLRGC provides its juniors with access to indoor and outdoor rifle and pistol ranges, qualified instructors, and all necessary equipment including: firearms, ammunition, targets, eye & ear protection, and NRA achievement awards.

Junior’s program participants learn a variety of shooting disciplines from NRA certified instructors.  Much of the program utilizes .22 caliber rifles and pistols in the club’s heated 50 foot indoor range however, the Juniors will use the outdoor pistol/rifle and trap/skeet ranges when the weather permits.

Over time, the juniors receive instruction on the safe use of rimfire and center fire pistols, rimfire and center fire revolvers, rimfire and center fire rifles, modern shotguns, black powder rifles and pistols, air rifles and pistols, and archery equipment.

Juniors actively compete against themselves to earn Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Awards (http://mqp.nra.org/).  Certificates, patches, and medals are awarded regularly to those junior members who meet program qualification criteria both during, and outside of, regular Junior’s meetings. Regular participants will continuously expand their knowledge of firearms, and improve
their marksmanship skills.    


Rules and Regulations:

1. There shall be an active Junior Membership open to all interested young people from age 12 up to the year following their eighteenth (18th) birthday.

2. Their manner of acceptance shall be to apply to the Junior Membership Committee.

3. There shall be no initiation fee, and their dues shall be set by the Membership at the regular June meeting.  Presently, Junior Membership dues are $20 per year.

4. Junior activities shall be supervised by a committee appointed by the President and their programs must be approved by the Board of Directors.

5. A Junior member in good standing for three (3) consecutive years prior to the completion of his or her 18th year of age shall have their initiation fee waived in application for an adult membership if applied for in the first year of eligibility. Further, during the last qualifying year as a Junior member, the Junior member may perform work hours that shall be tracked and may be applied toward dues reduction for their first year of adult membership.

6. Junior Member's may attend meetings although they may not vote. They will receive Junior Membership ID cards and buttons, but not keys.

7. They have the same regulations and privileges as a regular member in regard to any firearm or archery activities on the club property, including hunting. However, they must be accompanied by a regular member to participate in these activities.

8. At this time, there are no work hour requirements for Junior members however, active participation in club events is encouraged.  A Junior Member roster and hours worked should be posted in the clubhouse.

9. Juniors may fish or hunt with an adult member.  Membership fee includes fishing and hunting privileges on club property per club rules and state laws.

          Fishing Rules:
          Sign in/out mandatory
          4 fish per day, 12 per week (same as an adult member)

          Hunting Rules:
          Hunting with a valid RI hunting license
          Sign in/out mandatory
         Limit of 2 (two) birds per day (same as adult member)

10. Attendance in structured juniors meetings (Thursday night 7-9PM)

11. Respect club property and the rights of others

12. No horseplay allowed

13. Absolutely no bullying or harassment of other members will be tolerated


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